It was the 1960s when Giotta Fausto felt the potential contained in “processing waste” field. He belived inĀ  recovery, from an economic issue and from a reducing waste view, Mr. Giotta immediately understood the incredible opportunities that this sector could offer. The concept of circular economy was not yet a topical issue, but the road taken Mr. Giotta was the one headed in the right direction.

Starting from a small car-wrecking activity in the outskirts of Sondrio managed by his uncle, Fausto Giotta decided to follow his intuition and buy his own warehouse in Castione Andevenno, Italy.

The core business of Giottawas from the first moment the collection of metal waste deriving from the processes of the main metalworking companies in northern Italy

The availability of a fleet of vehicles allowed Giotta to quickly become a point of reference in this field.

The collected materials, mainly metals, were separated, cleaned and cut with the use of equipment and machinery, such as the shear press, which at the time were considered revolutionary for recycling. They were then sent to the steel mills for melting and transformation into new raw materials.

In the following years, the fleet of vehicles was modernized, and the management of other types of waste and the demolition of industrial structures was added to the recovery of metal waste and self-demolition.


Then Mr. Giotta decided to involve his children in the administration of the company.

Thus Gabriele, Giordano and Ornella began their long experience in the field, acquiring the skills necessary to transform the sole proprietorship into the current Giotta S.r.l. in 2001.

In those years, environmental legislation began to evolve, over time it would become faster and more complex. It was during this period that the company started collaborating with local authorities and the National Register of Environmental Managers for the acquisition of all the authorizations necessary for the continuation of its activities.

Today, with the experience gained over the years, alongside the main areas of interest, Giotta s.r.l. has been able to diversify and expand its services, starting from the brokerage activity that allowed it to manage any type of waste, including hazardous waste, up to the search and award of important bankruptcy auctions, with the consequent marketing of used goods.

Hence the idea of creating the site, a digital showroom of industrial machinery.

Over the years, the operating, technical and administrative staff has grown in number and skills, involving young people in the area and focusing on continuous training.

The growth was accompanied by a constant commitment in the commercial field that has allowed the company to broaden its horizons becoming a supplier not only of the primary Italian steel mills, but also of important customers all over the world.

The strong know-how acquired and the constant updating has also allowed Giotta S.r.l. to become a reliable partner for all waste producers who have to deal with complex sector legislation and its continuous development.

Precisely for this reason, the GIOTTA S.r.l. consulting and training division was born, which with the collaboration of highly specialized professionals aims to help companies keep up with all the requirements regarding the environment, security and privacy.

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